Kontrol dan Monitoring dalam genggaman

Perangkat dan Sistem aplikasi Konekthing yang dilengkapi dengan fitur-fitur canggih untuk mengendalikan dan memonitor rumah, kantor gedung ataupun sensor/ perangkat lain melalui aplikasi web ataupun Mobile.




Control Device

Monitor Devices

Manage Devices

Centralized Server

Online & Offline


Local History

Chat on Device

User leveling

Multi Application

Auto Detect Device

Grouping box


Sistem Automasi bagian penting dari X-nething dimana perangkat dan sistem konekthing mengelola dan mengatur sesuai dengan skenario yang dibuat oleh user.

X-Nething Mobile

  • Control monitor control from distance
  • Auto discover connection
  • Notification Alarm
  • Interact with devices and other using chat

X-Nething Box

  • Manage multi scenario events
  • Gateway server between nodes & IRIS
  • Local and Online Access
  • Manage multiple user san devices

IRIS Control Center

  • Manage and update X-Nething Box
  • User managemnt and Binding
  • Device activity history
  • Monitor and control devices


Auto Discover

Connect automatically between Local or IRIS

Multi User Login

Multiple Users could use same system at once

Multi Apps

Our system has plenty of apps to install

Multi Device Node

System could handle multiple nodes and interconnected

Updated Regularly

We ensure our systems always up to date

Early Warning system

Prevent unwanted events by sending early warnig signal

Device History

Record device usage

Server Group

Group of Xnething Box in a cluster

3rd party API

We ensure our systems always up to date

Cool UI

Revamped, Sleek, beautiful and intuitive interface

Favorite Menu

Access favored device quickly

Room Grouping

Group devices into room in order to organize them easily

Event moment engine

Create scenario what happen if an event triggered

Chat with device

Chat with device intuitively


Get notification of activity performed by devices


Additional features that could be installed separately

User Level management

Manage User Privilleges based on thir role


Warns you if something bad happen in your house