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X-Nething for Ios

You can use this application on the Iphone.

X-Nething Platform

You can use this Platform

X-Nething for Android

You can use this application on the android

X-Nething Dashboard

You can use this application on the Web

X-Nething Packages

We offer packages based on five aspects to meet your different needs.


Using Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) technology: wireless, easy installation, low power consumption.

  • Automatic lights, humidity controller, and thermostat
  • A Number of sensors adjusted to number of people in a room


WSN Konekthing Smarthome consist of: a wireless node, a gateway box, and application on smartphones

  • Detect potential fire, gas leaks or poisonous gases
  • Automated entrance and air ventilation
  • Emergency button


System can be accessed via interface from gateway box, mobile application, and web interface

  • Prevent electrical short circuit
  • Energy saving
  • Eliminate energy consumption in stand-by mode
  • Access control and status


Low electrical energy consumption does not make computing performance decline

  • Monitoring energy consumption regularly
  • Report savings on electricity bill.


The algorithms used ensure cooperation among nodes running well and reliable

  • Combine motion detector and security alarm
  • Early warning system prevent intruders
  • Sensor filted in doors, windows, and gates
  • Access control and status

Allows you to controlling your building system from device

For those who prefer total experience from a smart home system. We offer you packages thet aren't limited by aspect